Configure Canada Free PPTP VPN account in Linux based Open Source DD-WRT routers

FreeCanadaVPN.COM access can be used in varies routers, the most powerful router system is the open source DD-WRT project.

  • Suppose users already flushed router with DD-WRT firmware, by default the router’s local IP address is To check if routers are compatible with DD-WRT, please search DD-WRT database at;
  • Connect to the router using either an Ethernet cable, or by joining the wireless network ‘dd-wrt’. Open a web browser to access;
  • Now Configure your DD-WRT router to get internet connection first.
  • Go to Setup then select Basic Setup – Under Connection Type select PPTP, Under Use DHCP select Yes;
  • Under Gateway (PPTP Server) enter “FreeCanadaVPN.COM” as the server hostname. Under User Name enter the Free Canada VPN username, under Password enter Free VPN password.
  • Now make sure to Enable PPTP Encryption, Disable STP, MTU change to Manual and set to 1460 as value.
  • Enable DHCP Server and uncheck all three checkboxes for ‘Use DNSMasq for DNCP’, ‘Use DNSMasq for DNS’ and ‘DHCP-Authoritative’, apply Settings
  • Click on Security then Firewall and set to Disabled SPI Firewall.
  • Click on Security then click on VPN Passthrough and enable PPTP Passthrough, apply Settings.
  • Click on Administration Tab scroll down and click on Reboot Router.
  • After the router will reboot it should connect to the VPN automatically, now you can check the connection status by going to Status -> WAN tab. If Login Status say Connected then it’s OK, if not click to connect wait for abut 30 seconds and check if your IP has been changed by visiting